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We Care About Your Water!

Protect Your Home & Family with a Home Water Treatment System. 

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What’s In Your Drinking Water?

When water flows out of the faucet and into a glass, it usually appears clean and healthy.


Reports found hundreds of harmful contaminants across the American water supply that can cause cancer, developmental issues in children, problems in pregnancy and other serious health conditions.​​

The Benefits of
a Home Water Filtration System


Improve Your Health

  • Enjoy great tasting, healthier water you can drink, cook and bathe in right from the tap

  • Reduce and remove contaminants and toxins in city or well water

  • Reduce Risk of Cancer

  • Reduce Skin Irritations

  • Revives hair color and makes hair softer


Make Cleaning Easier Around the House

  • Glassware and flatware will dry FREE of spots and streaks

  • Laundry will have better color

  • Clothes will be cleaner, softer and will last longer

  • Fixtures and tile will have reduced soap scum and residue buildup

  • Use less soap for cleaning dishes and laundry


Protect Your Appliances

  • Reduce limescale buildup

  • Reduce clogged plumbing, which wears down your appliances over time

  • Lengthens the life of all appliances that use water


Save Money
& the Environment

  • Potentially save over $2,000 each year by switching from bottled water to home tap water

  • Reduce cost of cleaning supplies

  • Avoids plumbing costs associated with hard water build-up in pipes, on facets, showerheads and sinks

  • Reduces hair treatment costs – softer water not only prevents brittle hair but requires less water, shampoo and conditioner to get a rich lather

  • Prolongs the life of water heaters and other appliances

Happy Orlando Customers

What's in Your Water?

Schedule your FREE water test and consultation to find out! 

About New Life Water

Water is more important than ever - for the health of your family and your wallet. We offer low-cost water purification systems for any size home, and we guarantee that you won't find a lower price anywhere else.

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Satisfied Customers

"My daughter's eczema has already gotten better!! Our hair is so silky smooth.  The dishes are spot-free, and our laundry is so soft. Thank you so much for the system."

- Sandra Kayabas
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